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By choosing Shred-A-Way's Secure Shredding services, you’ll be able to cost-effectively and securely destroy unwanted paper-based documents. We offer onsite or offsite servicing, one-time or recurring, contact our sales representatives and get a free quote that is tailored to your needs.
Not only does Shred-A-Way offer a secure shredding service, we have a secure recycling program that recycles all paper based documents after the shredding process. That means you're getting the best of both worlds by keeping your commitment to your clients and your commitment to the enviroment.
Why is shredding important?
-Shredding is the best way to protect your reputation by protecting your company information and your customers confidential information. 
-Shredding is a way to reduce the costs of managing information that is not useful to your business 
-Shredding can help ensure compliance with the various federal, state, industry and credit card regulations for information destruction.